Breakfast Club

In term time we offer our breakfast club service.

This includes a healthy nutritious breakfast for the child consisting of either cereal, toast, fruit, yogurt and juice or water.

We provide stimulating activities up until 8:30am then the children are escorted to school by our staff in time for their day to begin.

Afterschool Club

In term time we collect children from their school, once we have all the child we walk the children back to the Roosters setting.

A registration is done and a light snack is served, this is a variety of hot and cold food and a dessert.

The children are then free to play until they are collected by their parents or carers.

Holiday Club

During school holidays we offer full-day care through an action-packed programme to all children all over Nottingham. This includes trips and visits, competitions, arts, crafts, sports and professionally led workshops.

Toast is served upon registration and drinks are provided during the day, but a packed lunch is required unless stated otherwise on the plans.

School Closures

In the event of school closures we try to offer a full day care service, this is to ensure parents are still able to work if they need.

We will update our live news and facebook page regularly in the event of any closures. Packed lunch is required.

Inset Days

On inset days we offer a full day care service similar to our holiday club.

We will advertise all inset days we are open for as soon as we are aware and this can be found on our live news page.

Packed lunch is required.

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