Cancellation by Roosters Kids Club

The full fee is due unless Roosters Kids Club closes the club. If you have paid your holiday club non-refundable booking fee this is only refundable if we close the club. It is very rare for us to have to close the club but as we are open to issues that are beyond our control sometimes this may happen.

If we close the club due to reasons beyond our control you will not be charged any monies for services on days closed. Some reasons may be e.g. weather conditions, staff shortage or any other reason.

Cancellation by the Client

For all bookings we require one weeks full cancellation notice, if notice is not given the full fee will become payable. This includes unforeseen circumstances.

In the event we have to open the club for a full day, for example a snow day or any other circumstance where your child’s school is closed and you do not bring your child in then you will still be liable to pay the charges for breakfast and after school or necessary fees for what you have booked. If you do bring your child in the full day fee will become payable.

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